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Product Description

Product Description:
Item type: Pet Grooming Tool 
Use: Pet hair Combs for dogs Cats 
Size:150*70*50 mm
Material: High Quality ABS + Stainless Steel


Due to lighting effects, monitor’s brightness , contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.
Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement, thanks a lot

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Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 160 × 80 × 60 cm


92 reviews for Pet Grooming Tool

  1. R***r

    No words

  2. M***a

    Trimmer fire!)) the Cat in panic decided that he lost weight))) the wool is combed for 5 +!

  3. O***n

    It came very quickly, the quality is excellent.

  4. F***r

    Conform to the description

  5. A***v

    It will, but what is there from Xiaomi is not clear. And somewhere replaceable blades to find, too, it's not clear, the usual cheap is better to scratch, but also this one is not bad
    no remarkno remark

  6. P***p

    Geras daiktas

  7. A***a

    Great thing!

  8. I***n

    That's a great thing. Cats are certainly not as pleasant as they are with a regular car, but she collects a undercoat, and this is a top with a Tricot

  9. M***a

    On the first day, the cat from this comb ran away, now pulled in and kyfit) in quality liked
    To St. Petersburg from the moment of the order was two weeks

  10. M***o

    Very good product, met expectations.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  11. A***v

    To Perm in 20 days. A good device, the cat is happy, I'm tired of scratching her… With the seller did not communicate

  12. R***a

    No wow effect) for my mini Spitz nothing

  13. G***N

    Fast shipment. Goods grade! I have been using Xiaomi goods since 2014. All goods are super! Furminator is no exception.

  14. D***v

    Everything works.

  15. E***o

    The product corresponds to the description, the package is slightly crumpled during transportation. The Furminator itself is not damaged. good morning Combs well. Kitten is still small, so I can not appreciate more detailed. I recommend, in stores in Ufa, such pieces cost three times more, at least.

  16. E***y

    Ordered 24.08 to the mail came the parcel 14.09. The box is terribly crumpled, the Furminator did not suffer. I felt it on короткошерстном Jack-Rassel, I can not say, which causes wild delight and now the dog does not shed at all, not so much wool managed to comb. Well, at least not worth "real" Furminator
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  17. O***e

    Well, like, norms, it makes something down from the stomach
    Cat now does not shed-let's see in the spring
    Packed norms

  18. E***a

    Good comb. Длинношёрстного the cat reads well, even some Coltons managed to drain. He certainly is not in special delight, but the main result, with his task copes more than. Delivery in the area of the month came out. The box is crumpled, the comb in some places is late. Since I took for myself-not particularly critical, did not reduce the evaluation, but for a gift will not work for sure. In general, I recommend!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  19. V***v

    The parcel went 14 days to the Samara region of the city of Togliatti. The box came fifth-it is visible in the photo. The Furminator itself is whole. Kotake liked it. The handle is good. Goods are quality. Producer advise
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  20. M***a

    All good

  21. F***r

    Very good quality, my Cat really likes it!

  22. N***n

    Triming is not bad for home use for more professional will not work

  23. P***a

    Excellent garlic! bought for a younger cat, because she does not like when she is washed out. It lies comfortably in the hand and gently comb the Coltons. "Bristles" very much. Conveniently removed to clean them. In general, I recommend!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  24. K***n

    Excellent thing, nozzle one.

  25. V***o

    It works great and takes a lot of hairs off my cats.

  26. A***v

    Полностью соответствует описанию. Качество хорошее. Можно брать. Но лучше купить оригинальный фурминатор под длину шерсти вашего питомца.

  27. G***o

    Funciona de verdade, a uma redução expressiva dos pelos na casa!

  28. E***u

    A mis gatos les encanta!

  29. A***n

    пришло дней за 10, держать и чесать удобно

  30. C***s

    Exactly like the description. Works perfectly to remove loose hair from my cat.
    no remark

  31. F***o

    A simple vista parece de buena calidad. Mi perrita es de pelo muy corto (cruce de galgo y podenco) y le quita el pelo muerto sin problema. Tiene un botón que al apretarlo se supone ayuda a retirar el pelo de las púas, pero en mi caso no lo necesito. Y también tiene otro botón que sirve para desmontar todo el conjunto del cabezal. De momento me está gustando, ahora espero que dure mucho tiempo. En cuanto al vendedor, todo perfecto, un 10. En una semana lo tenía en casa

  32. D***o

    Вычёсывает подшёрсток отлично. Кошке не нравится. Но Партия сказала: «Надо!».

  33. E***a

    2 недели с момента заказа до получения товара в Екатеринбурге – невиданная скорость! )
    первое знакомство расчёски и кошки прошло хорошо. обычные пуходерки она категорически не любит, а эту расческу встретила спокойно.

  34. A***n

    Товар соответствует описанию. Покупал щётку Вместе с поилкой и фильтрами. Качеством доволен пришли без повреждений, доставка Почта России, а это всегда риски… Продавец хороший. Алик блокирует аккаунты, так что буду воздерживаться от покупок на этой платформе, заблокировали за отзыв на 1 звезду(с доказательствами мохинаций продавца) и отзыв удалили(у другого продавца), месяц парили мозг… Уровень последний более 470 заказов на платформе… Кроме того сильно увеличили время ожидания 90+ дней… Продавца рекомендую платформу нет… Щектка котика нравится).
    no remarkno remark

  35. R***k

    Хорошая удобная штука. Ничего необычного, но штука качественная.

  36. E***v

    Отличный товар, но не хватает сменных насадок

  37. V***u

    Cool it's a great tool. Works like a should be. It's just as
    no remark

  38. N***a

    Соответствуют описанию, доставка быстрая, рекомендую

  39. M***v

    качество хорошее. со своей задачей справляется, все устраивает.
    no remarkno remark

  40. D***v


  41. L***a

    Фурминатор шел до СПБ месяц. Коробке изрядно досталось, но сама щётка была цела и невридима. Смутили при распаковке чьи-то грязные отпечатки, но да бог с ними. Сам фурминатор хорош: очищает собаку от шерсти, собака довольна, я в шоке, потому что шерсть все равно не заканчивается. Надо было брать бритву

  42. A***n

    Чешир хорошо. даже гладкошорстных кошек. всем советую. долго искали какой расческой чесать котов. Наконец-то нашли то что надо.

  43. S***O

    отличная чесалка. рекомендую.

  44. L***a

    Шло на мой взгляд долговато, полтора месяца. СДЕК. Фурминатор шикарный, брала для брабансона, очень качественно вычесывает, собаке не больно – лежит балдеет. сделан приятно, в руке лежит хорошо, ручка прорезинена. немного клей видно на стыке ручки и верха, но не критично. Однозначно советую данный товар.

  45. V***r

    Отличная штука, отлично вычёсывает. Выглядит очень презентабельно. Доставили довольно быстро.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  46. I***v

    Качество хорошее, коты довольны!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  47. E***k

    Отличная расческа! пух высасывает шикарно

  48. V***a

    Пока трудно сказать, попробуем в деле, напишу

    . С виду все хорошо

  49. D***v

    Быстрая доставка. Персика чешет хорошо.

  50. M***a

    Кошке нравится когда чешу ее этой штукой. И даже что-то вычёсываю.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  51. M***v

    отличная вещь

  52. A***o

    Excellent garlic, though sometimes the nozzle falls out when you press the button

  53. S***o

    Nice thing. Take boldly.

  54. K***M

    Less than 3 weeks to St. Petersburg. The box is broken, but the thing itself is intact. Tried-works fine
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  55. V***v

    Cool brush for pets. Full of delight. The order came quickly.

  56. A***z

    The box is crumpled and small scuff, but this mail is more than a supplier. It came quickly. Quality was satisfied. It's a pity on a short-haired bulldog is not very Czech, for the longherous most that.

  57. R***v

    Excellent. Comfortable handle and smooth cat
    no remark

  58. S***i

    Top. Arrivé rapidement.

  59. V***v

    Mechanical stylish garlic. Dear.

  60. A***n

    I thought that this thing was electric) it turned out to be just a garlic, but it's the best garlic I 've ever used. If a simple garlic needs to be spent several times, then this one at one time collects a bunch of wool.

  61. S***v

    Garlic as a garlic

  62. A***o

    It looks nice, everything is as stated. This is my first Furminator, so I still do not quite understand what the charm is. Now the cat has a Linka, it is necessary to scratch both a classic puhoderka and a Furminator. Perhaps it is designed for a tougher coat like dogs.

  63. S***a

    Excellent garlic, the brush is combed in huge quantities, the dog just baldeet, on the cat has not checked yet. Delivery to Moscow from the date of order in 15 days. Product and seller recommend!

  64. R***v

    It's just great.

  65. K***a

    просто супер. кошка стала в 2 раза меньше. Очень быстрая доставка

  66. I***a

    Scratched wool on the second cat

  67. W***k


  68. A***n

    Отличное качество, все собрано хорошо, ничего не люфтит, головка снимается.
    Мопс 2 месяца – ещё ничего не лезет) так что "на вырост"

  69. I***o

    Откуда у моего кота столько шерсти) я думала после этой расчистки он будет лысым) отличная штука обязательно к приобретению обладателям пушистой живности
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  70. A***a

    Combed half a dog)
    no remark

  71. G***n

    Well, as a result, I collected a little in the first Chis. Maybe because sometimes we just combed

  72. O***a

    Came quite quickly, bought for the boxer, works better than a special. Brushes and silicone gloves, but still not wow effect

  73. U***a

    My cats are happy. I was looking for an analog of the Furminator from the same company, I did not want to spend 2000 rubles on what might not please. I chose this product and did not lose. First, it costs 3 times less. Secondly, it has a cool and laconic design, not greasy Green-pink like furminators from pet stores. Thirdly, its function performs, hair for 3-5 combats collects like a brush in a couple of minutes of continuous work, wool in the house became noticeably smaller. And most importantly, he really likes cats, they see him in my hands, sit on the sofa and take a pose.

    Of the minuses, I have not found anything yet, I use a couple of months.
    no remark

  74. V***v

    Super fast delivery 16 days to alt. Kray!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  75. O***a

    Шикарная штука! Красивая, собаке не доставляет дискомфорт, вычесывает подшерсток так, что сразу можно носки связать на всю семью 🙂

  76. E***a

    Good comb, excellent scales. Dog in shock

  77. S***v

    The goods are satisfied, the delivery is fast! Combs normally, I advise the goods and the seller!
    no remark

  78. V***o

    The goods are all working. It's fast.

  79. R***r

    Incredible delivery speed, 5 days! The goods are normal! Thank you

  80. S***o

    It came quickly. Excellent quality. The seller is good, I recommend.

  81. E***o

    Good qulity.
    Thank you!

  82. A***a

    The box is crumpled, but the goods are whole. Scrape is very good. Recommend. 6 days delivery.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  83. R***r

    Excellent fumigator with the possibility of changing the nozzle. Delivery to Saratov took only two weeks.
    no remark

  84. V***z

    Nice and very practical to brush my cats. That's what I expected.

  85. R***v

    Good quality item

  86. S***v


  87. Z***z

    Delivery 22 days to Mo. The product fully corresponds to the description. Seller recommend.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  88. T***g

    Great item. It is as what the picture showed. Quality of the item is good too. Used it a few times on my dog amd he love it. Worth getting.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  89. V***o

    I really liked this thing! Намноооооого more Wool comb than normal brush! I did not understand on what principle, but she Fire)) delivery is very fast)

  90. I***k

    Calculation of very good quality. The truth of the cat is still not allowed to scratch) drove about three months to Kharkov.

  91. V***

    The package went a little more than a month to moscow, was tracked. The packaging was a little bounty, but the product itself is in good condition. The handle is nice to the touch, everything works. Included only one nozzle, in fact not yet used)
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  92. A***v

    It came fast! The product looks great, in fact we will still check
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

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