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Product Description

[ Soft Cosy Small Dog Harness Leash Set ] – Made from suede fabric.Super soft and comfortable,not grinding dog legs or body,give your dog a very cosy experience.It’s suitable for all year round.

[ Amazing Fashion Pet Dog Cat Vest Harness ] – Exquisite Color-Matching Design.Cute small dog cat harness vest,matching the same color leash.Love family,Love pets.

Easy put on and take off: Step-in, your pet can wear it within a few seconds. The specific shape design not only makes it very simple to wear, it can evenly distribute the pulling force to the dog ’s body, It ’s a real no pull & no choke pet harness.

Exquisite Buckle: Strong and durable,easy to put on and take off.Very convenient for walking the dog. Double layer protection with magic tape and snap to prevent breakaway.

Reflective strip-safe at night: It is easier to attract attention when walking or free running at night. Refuse accidents.

Material: Suede Fabric

Package include:
1*pet Harness and Leash Set

Size Neck Circumference Bust
S 20-24cm(7.9-9.4″) 24-28cm(9.4-11″)
L 24-28cm(9.4-11″) 28-32cm(11-12.6″)
L 28-30cm(11-11.8″) 32-36cm(12.6-14.2″)
XL 34-38cm(13.4-15″) 40-46cm(15.7-18.1)
XXL 36-42cm(14.2-16.5″) 46-59cm(18.1-23.2″)
3XL 49-56cm(19.3-22″) 59-65cm(23.2-25.6″)



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